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Empower your clients and your candidates by giving them the best possible recruiting experience out there.

Quali.fit - Recruiting Marketplace

It's time to evolve

Technology is changing quickly - don't let your recruiting agency fall behind. Quali.fit is a white-label solution, letting you leverage your experience and professionalism through the power of advanced technology and AI.

Put Your Candidates at the Top

Candidates have high expectations about the recruiting process. A bad experience could mean losing your client base. Studies show that candidates who had a negative experience are 350% less likely to apply for a job through your recruiting agency again.

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Give Your Clients the Power

Create an efficient recruitment process for your clients by getting them involved. With Quali.fit, clients have the chance to create job opportunities in your marketplace, ensuring them complete access to your talent pool. Our system will only show your clients relevant candidates, people who expressed interest in the opportunity and are ready to take action.

empower clients


Quali.fit delivers a complete white label solution. It’s designed to maximize your revenue and bring about greater brand visibility from day one.

Keep your candidates happy

Every interaction with your candidates impacts your brand and the outcome of the recruiting process. A positive candidate experience creates trust, fosters long-term relationships and turns your talent pool into a thriving, satisfied community.

Candidate's Salary
  • Easy to Use

    Job opportunities are presented in an engaging, beautiful way.

  • Fasttttttt

    Relevant job offers are sent within seconds to the right candidates.

  • Discreet

    Candidate’s profiles are anonymous until they choose to reveal themselves to an employer.

  • Spam Free

    Candidates only get job offers that meet their exact expectations and skills.

Impress your clients

Having your own marketplace creates new opportunities for customer service and enhances your business model. Your recruiting agency can provide better service, along with smarter processes to directly benefit your business.

Instant candidate pipeline

Distribution of job opportunities to all your relevant candidates in just a click.

The perfect fit

The power of our AI gives you superior matching skills, identifying just the right profiles for you.

Clients go to you first

Let clients add positions themselves in your marketplace, making it their most effective recruiting channel.

Show Me the Numbers...

Quali.fit will change the way you recruit, guaranteed.


170% Increase in candidates applying for each job


Decrease in hiring time


Increase in job offers per account manager

Qualifit Support

Frequently Asked

What’s a white label solution? How does it work?

A white label solution lets you use your company’s unique branding to offer a product or service, without spending time or money on creating your own technology to do so. Focus on growing your brand and promoting your services, and leave the technical work to us.

We offer you custom branding abilities like logos, cover photos, color themes, and a custom domain, so you’re all set to make your brand come to life. You can even add custom CSS to design your marketplace with the look & feel of your brand.

Will my candidates get a mobile app?

We don't want to bother your candidates with mobile app installations, so we built Quali.fit as a responsive web-app. The candidate panel is designed to fit any resolution and device, with super quick loading times.

Can I connect Quali.fit with my current ATS / CRM?

Yes! Quali.fit provides a simple way to integrate with your most reliable ATS’s. Currently we support Icims, SmartRecruiters, Bullhorn & Salesforce.

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